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pears ripening on a treeThe information presented on these pages was developed to provide the basic core concepts of IPM. The next step will be to learn about managing your important pests. The internet contains many sites that have information on IPM systems. Examine sites which share the same pest problem or are in your geographical area. Most sites that are produced by your Land Grant Universities will have a site coordinator and linked email address for you to contact. These are excellent sites with resources tailored for local pest problems. The National IPM Network (NIPMN) site provides links to sites of each of the four US based Regional IPM Centers. The regional sites contain links to State extension web sites. The NIPMN site is a great place to start your search for pertinent IPM information.

National IPM Network (NIPMN) Sites:

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Topics Included in this Module

  • Introduction to IPM — Find out what IPM is.
  • Monitoring — Regular checks help manage pests.
  • Assessment — Learn how problems are measured and predicted.
  • Taking Action — Find out what control alternatives are.月光影视视频大全 月光影视视频在线观看 月光影视视频大全 月光影视视频在线观看 ,在厨房抱着边走边律动 高清在线观看 精彩完整视频 在厨房抱着边走边律动 高清在线观看 精彩完整视频
  • IPM Links — Web links to IPM sites.
  • IPM Educational Module — Test your IPM knowledge


Compiled by Ron Gardner

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